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Monday, June 29, 2015

As of Late...

Malia went on a vacation to the lake with her cousins:

Summer's activities have been tiring some of us out:

Ashton has been priming his new chicken coop:

We went to Illinois for a family campout at Uncle Sam and Aunt Pat's timber and Bill and Heidi's pond:

Malia finally got her goats! They are both due with babies soon.

Loading them up to begin the long trip home:

They made it! Meet Violet and Belle:

 Shana's project of making friendship bracelets for the girls at Kechene orphanage is complete! She ended up with 130 or so of them...thanks to all of you who made a few!

The kids enjoyed another year of Vacation Bible School.

Cousin time!

We've been enjoying beautiful flowers and sunsets:

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