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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Our Trip to Ethiopia, Day 8

Friday, July 17, 2015

We ate breakfast this morning with Allen, our friend from Indiana. Then, we watched another "Helping Without Hurting" video for devotions, and Wass talked to us for awhile about how important our mission trips are to the people of Ethiopia. It was good to hear, because sometimes I wonder whether or not we're really making a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Addis Ababa awakes.

We loaded into the van and headed back to Hana School for the day. It is so interesting to see people's reactions as we are out in public. One boy called, "Hey, China!" thinking we were Chinese, another guy cried, "What's up, British?" and one went so far as to say, "Hello, I love you, you are so beautiful!" It made us giggle every time.

We climbed to the top floor where the library is. It was good to see the progress being made. The men stayed there to work while the ladies headed over to the kindergarten building to do some mural painting.

We painted murals on the outside of the kindergarten building all morning. A school official showed up and asked if we could do one inside as well.

We took a break for lunch and headed to Sishu, a great burger place.

I snapped this picture of Jessica so I could send it to her mom with the message, "At least she's not slacking on wedding plans while she's gone..." (Jessica will get married not quite 3 weeks after we get home.)

Wass writing down some of his wisdom in my journal.

My bacon cheeseburger and fries tasted so good...a very American meal!

Then it was back to the school for more painting.

These girls came to check out what we were doing.

The inside of the kindergarten classroom.

Beginning our mural on the back wall.

The guys came in to watch us, and Shana shared her many bags of candy with them. Yohannes was not too sure about Sour Patch Kids!

Mathewos, Wass, Yohannes, and Haile...these guys are so wonderful.

Our awesome team.

Soccer practice.

Today we had 50 large bags of coffee delivered to the guest house. Our freezer at home will soon hold lots of Ethiopian deliciousness!

We ate dinner back at Ember, and Wass joined us. We wanted to celebrate his birthday which was the following week, so Chris and Richard went to Kaldi's and bought several different kinds of cake. We all dug through our luggage to come up with birthday presents for him. He told us all about his life, things he has learned, and how thankful he is to God every day for all the things he has. When asked how he wants to spend this next year of his life, he said he just wants to live it for God and do whatever God tells him to do. He said he is so thankful for AGCI and all of us.  We sang "Happy Birthday," ate cake, visited, and opened his presents.

After Wass left, we did devotions and headed for the showers. It was awesome to finally have hot water!

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