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Friday, August 7, 2015

Recent Happenings...

1. Last week, we attended a Party With a Purpose with All God's Children International in Indianapolis. It was a great evening with a delicious dinner, and we finally got to meet Lauren Saruk, AGCI's new Sponsorship Coordinator from Portland, Oregon. We worked with Lauren all spring getting ready for our mission trip to Ethiopia, so it was great to be able to talk to her in person. We learned more about AGCI's sponsorship program, and Malia got to pick out a little Haitian baby to sponsor. Chris even got to tell a little of our story and how we got involved with AGCI, and shared a a bit of our recent trip, too.

2. We recently had an exciting evening when a plane sprayed the field beside and behind us. It was crazy to watch the guy fly so close to the ground...a couple of times it looked like he was about to hit our house! We got some pretty awesome video of it, too.

3. The kids have been loving on the baby goats.

4. A very scary creature showed up one day.

5. Sara and I took all the kids to Camp Clay one day last week. They had a blast swimming with their cousins!

6. It was 4 years ago this past Saturday that we met the twins for the first time! We were exhausted but giddy after our long flight, and the twins weren't too sure about the strange ferenjis (foreigners). They still laugh when I tell them the story of that day and how we heard little feet pattering down the hallway toward the office where we were waiting. Then they rounded the corner, and there they were...2 little boys staring curiously at us and clutching dabo (bread) in their hands. :)

7. The boys finally got all of the animal buildings painted and finished. Whew! That seemed to take up an awful lot of our summer.

8. Saturday, we attended the annual Gateway Woods auction in Leo, Indiana. It's always an enjoyable time.

9. Sunday, we went to the Queen of Sheba restaurant in Fort Wayne for an adoptive child gathering. We had good food and met some new friends!

10. The twins have had a ball lately playing outside with their kinetic sand.

11. I found this in my bed this morning. :)

And that's all for now! Have a great day!

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