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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Trip to Ethiopia, Day 9

Saturday, July 18, 2015

This morning, I discovered that Chris had been sick all night. He opted to stay at the guest house and sleep all day. The rest of us ate breakfast and then headed to African Orphanage. We were not allowed to take photos there, so I can't share with you all the cuteness we saw. We held and played with babies all morning. Some of them weren't too sure about all the white faces staring at them, while others loved being held and talked to.

We stopped back at Ember to check on Chris, who was still sick, so we continued on to a government building to meet with families whose children had previously been a part of AGCI's sponsorship program. Most of the parents were blind, and most of the children had graduated out of the sponsorship program into income-generating measures. Most of them are given micro-loans and are taught some business courses, budgeting, and other training. It was humbling to hear the families thank us and talk about how the program has impacted their lives.

We then took them all to a restaurant for lunch, and then Wass drove us to Aba Guben so we could eat. It is a fabulous Italian place and the fresh homemade pasta tasted delicious...truly a familiar comfort food since most of us had dealt with sickness on this trip. After lunch, we went to the market by the post office to do some shopping. I bought some items for the kids and the silent auctions we will hold this fall to raise money for our Metekle school project in Mekele, Ethiopia.

When we arrived back at the guest house, Chris was feeling better. We visited with Wass in the living room for awhile, and he showed us pictures of his various trips around Ethiopia. After eating dinner at Kaldi's (I even had an ice cream cone!), we had devotions and went to bed. Tomorrow is our last day here...hard to believe our trip is coming to an end already.

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