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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jalen and Jordan!!!

Yesterday was the twins' 7th birthday! Happy birthday, boys! We are so thankful for you.

We started the day by having them open their presents.

Grandpa Don called from Texas to sing Happy Birthday to them.

They were thrilled with their new bikes.

We then visited Sauder's Village for the day.

The kids loved watching the glass blower.

They had fun making apple cider.

Learning how to play a pioneer ring toss game...

Malia in an Indian wigwam. We learned that 2 families of 8 people each would share one of these structures. There was just a thin piece of material to divide the two rooms.

Ashton on the other side of the divider:

Roasting a pheasant:

Playing with handmade wooden toys:

Helping to dry apple slices:

When we got home, Fred and Kayla and their kiddos joined us for a bonfire.

A little later, Karl, Angie, and Darci joined us and we all had cake and ice cream.

It was a perfect fall day for a birthday!

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