As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


*I recently went through my old blog posts and discovered that I had never published this one. I have no idea when it occurred or how old Malia was at the time, but I thought it would be a cute addition to our scrapbook.

I was cleaning my bathroom the other day when Malia asked me if she could help. As I scrubbed the countertop, she got to work on the tub. Then the phone rang, I got sidetracked, and ended up downstairs doing other things. I sort of forgot that Malia was up there, and just figured that she was outside playing with the other kids. About 45 minutes later (45 minutes!), she came downstairs and said, "Mommy, I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes and come upstairs." I willingly followed (pretending to run into things since my eyes were closed, which caused hoots of laughter from her) as she guided me up to the bathroom. "Ok, you can open now!" she proclaimed excitedly. I opened my eyes to find that my bathroom was indeed very clean, everything put in its place and scrubbed to within an inch of its life. She then took me down the hall to the kids' bathroom, which she had meticulously cleaned as well. She worked so hard, and elicited huge hugs from one happy mama!

What a good little helper girl.

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