As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


In our living room, we have a digital picture frame, on which I have some photos from Africa. The other day, Jordan saw the above photo pop up on the screen, and he excitedly yelled, "Opiyew bet! Uchan bet!" which means, "Opiyew's house! Uchan's house!"

So now we know what kind of house our boys used to live in. I always love finding out clues to my sons' past. We don't know a lot about their history, but each little bit of information helps to put the pieces of the puzzle together.....

The other night, I started a fire in our fireplace in the living room. Jalen asked if we were going to "bela" (eat). Obviously, they used to watch someone cook over an open fire. What else would they need a fire for in Gambela, which normally is extremely hot all year round? Also, each time the twins hear a strange noise (the other day, it was a piece of ice sliding down our roof), they come running to me, fearfully yelling, "Aminal!" (animal). Makes me wonder if they used to have strange animals poking around their house in Africa and making noise during the night. I know that hyenas are common in Ethiopia, and are greatly feared by the people. Hmmm.......... I wonder what other bits of background information we'll find out over the years?


  1. So precious! You need to write these things down in a book for them so you don't forget them and can save the information for them for down the road. I would think a lot of this stuff would come out over the next few months while it's still fresh in their minds. It will be so interesting to hear it all!

  2. Wow, it's amazing how much you are able to learn about their past. So neat how God is using things to help you understand where they have been!

  3. They are so sweet. It will be interesting to see what snippets you gather. I just wish you could see into their little heads!