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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Chris had business meetings in Orlando all of last week, so Adrian, Jalen, Jordan and I went along. We had a wonderful week in the sunny south! Here are a few, okay - a ton, of photos from our trip:

We stayed at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel at Sea World:

 The hotel had a kids' water park area, and the boys loved being in the water!

Sea World:

After we watched the Shamu show, the twins kept referring to the whale as "Shampoo." Then, every time we passed a lake or river, they wondered if Shampoo was in there.

 The twins got to experience the ocean and beach for the first time, and they enjoyed every minute of it!

Downtown Disney:

Another day at Sea World:

 We spent our last day at the Magic Kingdom:

We met many people on our trip who seemed interested in our adoption story, and one couple from Boston had fun playing with the boys as we stood in the Splash Mountain line at Disney World. The lady asked Jalen if he wanted to come home with her, and he seemed fine with it until he realized he probably wouldn't see us very often. Then, as we waited in line for another attraction, a lady behind us was overcome with emotion and ran up to the boys, smiling and laughing and hugging and kissing them all over! The twins weren't sure what was up, but then the woman's husband explained to us that they were from Brazil and his wife didn't know any English. She was thrilled to see the boys with us, though, and wanted us to know that she thought they were beautiful! She was so excited that we had adopted them, and kept laughing and talking about them. It was a rather interesting experience.

We had a wonderful vacation, and hope everyone out there has a great day!


  1. so many fun pictures!!! Your boys are all so cute! Looks like they had fun!

  2. Love all the pictures! It looks like such a fun trip.

  3. Looks like you had a ton of fun!!! We are only an hour from Orlando :) and love going over there!!!!

  4. Wow!!! Looks like it was such a great trip! SO glad that ya'll got to do that!

  5. How fun for the boys! Glad you had a good trip....I love Disney World! ;)