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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello, Summer!!

Here it is - the last day of school! I'm not sure where the school year has gone.....but it's over! Boom! Just like that.

Here are the kids this morning, waiting for the bus.....

And just for fun, I wanted to post pictures of them from the first day of school next to pictures of them from today to see how much they've grown. So here you have it:




Yep. I'd definitely say they've grown. Anybody figured out a way to keep kids from growing up so fast? If so, do share. So....I've got a sign to hang on the front door when they get off the bus, along with a little bag of summer treats made up for each one with their name on it. The pool is almost ready and we have a long weekend in front of us. And with that......let the summer begin!

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