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Friday, June 21, 2013

Important Letters From 2 Little Boys.....

I have been working on a photo book of the twins that we will be taking to Gambella, Ethiopia with us. My hope is that their birth family will receive it, one way or another. Jalen and Jordan decided to write letters to their family, which I included in the book. They gave me permission to share them, so without further ado, here are the hearts of my 2 little boys:

Dear (Birth Family),

Happy Birthday to C...! Hi, A...! I am doing good. I love you! I like to play with toys and cars and tractors. I like to look at books and ride my bike. I like to play with our dog. I like to go swimming. I like to go to water parks, hotels, and church. I'm happy here. I like to eat food. I like to play with my brother, Opiyew. I like babies. I love you. Goodbye.

Jordan Uchan

Dear (Birth Family),

I love you. I like to play with my doggie. I like to play with toys. I like to play outside with my bike. I like to jump on the trampoline and play in my play house. I like to play on the swings by myself. I love you, (birth family). I like to go to Sunday School and sing and learn about the Bible. What's happening at your house? I drink water and lemalade (lemonade) and milk and pop. I love you. I like it here. I weigh almost 40 pounds. I eat lots of food and I will get big. I will get strong. I'm done.

I love you so so so much,
Jalen Opiyew

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