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Monday, June 17, 2013

Our Weekend.....

We had a full but fun weekend! We spent several days at the lake with Chris's whole family, Malia turned 7, we had our Sunday School picnic, we celebrated Father's Day, and the girls had some friends stay overnight (they are currently having a ball in the pool). Here is our weekend in photos:

Malia getting in some quality Baby Zoey time:

We celebrated Malia's birthday at the lake:

Ashton got to open some late birthday gifts, too:

Singing songs around the piano with Grandma:

 Yesterday, Malia opened her gift from us, which happened to be a series of papers telling her that her present was a trip to the American Girl Store in Chicago where she will get to pick out her very own doll.
She was quite pleased:

Happy 7th birthday, Malia! We love you so much! XOXOXO

 For Father's Day, I had the kids each fill out a paper asking different questions about their daddy. Jalen seems to think that Chris is as handsome as a clown, can lift 8 pounds, and is 1 foot tall. (Ha - I guess I'm married to a creepy, wimpy midget.) Adrian thinks that Chris is as handsome as a beauty model, Ashton thinks he's as handsome as a penguin, and Jordan compares his daddy to a cheetah. Jordan also seems to think that his daddy's favorite activity is playing in the toilet (??) and Malia wouldn't trade her daddy for "a nuther daddy." So, there you have it. It was a happy father's day all around. :-)

Hope you all had a great weekend, too! See you again soon!

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