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Monday, July 1, 2013


Every morning last week, the kids and I attended our church's Vacation Bible School. I taught preschool for the third year in a row, and there were 8 girls in my class. We had a wonderful week learning about God's promises and how He will always be with us.

Here is my group of 4-year-old girls:

And here is one of the projects we made.....sandpaper-printed drawstring backpacks:

I got this cute kids' craft idea off of Pinterest.....for the tutorial, click here.

Here is Shana's class:

And Adrian's:

Ashton's and Malia's classes combined:

Jalen's and Jordan's class:

VBS 2013 is over! Chris and I will be in charge of the VBS planning committee next year.....a big job, but we had great examples this year! :)

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