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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Malia's Trip in Pics.....

So, I decided that not only is it cost efficient to take only one child to Disney, it's also really fun to focus on only one child the whole time and do whatever she wants to do! We had a wonderful time! 

We flew out of Detroit, and while we waited to board our plane, we grabbed a quick lunch. Malia ordered a chocolate milkshake, but since the shake machine was not working, they gave her a large pineapple mango smoothie AND a large cup of ice cream with chocolate syrup! She decided it was definitely her lucky day!

As we went through security, one of the TSA agents asked Malia if she had a driver's license. When she said no, he informed her that she wouldn't be allowed to go. His solution? She should stay and work in his place while he went to Disney. When she said no, he offered her $20 a day plus a big bag of candy. She still said no. So then he offered her $40 a day and 2 big bags of candy, but nope! She was determined to get to Disney World!

We arrived in Orlando late Wednesday afternoon, and visited Downtown Disney that night.

This picture is a little blurry, but I love how it shows Malia's excitement as she hurried from one display to the next looking for the perfect items to spend her money on!

Later that night, I found this note in her drawer of clothing. It says, "This is the time of my life!"

Thursday morning, we headed to Epcot.

Epcot was hosting the International Food and Wine Festival, which was really cool. There was food available from countries all over the world.

Malia absolutley LOVED meeting the characters and getting their autographs, as you can see:

Her two favorite rides at Epcot were Mission Space and Test Track.

We also had fun visiting all of the countries in the World Showcase.


Great Britain:


We ate lunch in Morocco:




Cookies in Germany:

Gelato in Italy:

The United States:


Friday, we visited the Magic Kingdom. It was so fun to see Malia's face light up as she saw the castle for the first time.

We had met a Disney cast member at our hotel that morning, and he told us to go to City Hall at the Magic Kingdom and get a special badge for Malia since it was her first time at Disney. He then asked when her birthday was, and when she told him it was in June, he said, "Ah, close enough. Ask them for a birthday badge, too." So the lady at City Hall gave Malia 2 badges and some stickers.

Malia's favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom were Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Space Mountain (all the fast ones seem to have "mountain" in the title!)

Playing in the "honey" as we waited for the Winnie The Pooh ride:

Malia loved how everyone called her "Princess" all day, and she even got sprinkled with pixie dust!

On our way home:

We had a great couple of days in Florida! Malia thinks Grammy and Pawpaw should buy a house there so we can stay with them and go to Disney all the time like I got to when I was growing up! :-) We got home on Saturday just in time to go to the Bookin' It to Ethiopia spaghetti dinner and silent auction (more on that to come). And I was also pleased to find that I had a freezer full of applesauce and pear sauce that Chris had made with the kids while I was gone! He's the best!

Anyway, we're back to real life now.....

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  1. How awesome! What a neat trip for Malia. We are heading to Disney in a few weeks, and your pictures make me even more excited to go!!