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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Fun Little Trip, New Numbers, and Some Interesting Statistics

Malia and I spent the last couple of days with my sister, Larisa, and her little Ethiopian prince, Yikealo. He is such an adorable child!
Yikealo at the furniture store where Larisa works as an interior designer

Showing off his new bike-riding skills

Slip-n-slide fun 

We also visited the fair while we were there:

view from the top of the ferris wheel

We had a great visit with my big sis and sweet little nephew! And being around him definitely makes me a little more anxious for our Ethiopian cutie!

And now for our new September waitlist numbers. If you take my age plus Chris's age minus Shana's age, you'll get our number for girls. And if you take Shana's age plus Adrian's age plus Ashton's age plus Malia's age plus the number of years that Chris and I have been married, you'll get our number for boys. And if you take my age plus Adrian's age minus Ashton's age, you'll get our number for siblings. Now you know! Ok, moving on to other business......

What? You don't want to try to figure all of that out? Ok, ok, I guess I'll help you out a little. I am 33, Chris is 33, Shana is 9, Adrian is 8, Ashton is 6, Malia is 4, and Chris and I have been married for 10 years.

 Does that help? Ok, I guess I'll just go ahead and tell you. We are:

# 57 for girls

#37 for boys

#35 for siblings

And here are some interesting statistics, brought to you by Friends of the Third World. Did you know that the average American eats 5 pounds of food per day? And that each day the average person throws away enough leftovers to feed a family of 6 in India? 1 and 1/2 billion people in the world today (and 1/2 of those are children) have a daily diet that consists of 2-3 oz. of beans per day. And some people don't have access to beans, or any type of food, and so they eat nothing but sun-baked mud pies. Day after day after day. 2 oz. versus 5 lbs. Hmmmm. How many times do we say, "I'm starving!" when our tummies growl a little? 2 oz. versus 5 lbs. How many times do we waste food or throw it away because we have too much? 2 oz. versus 5 lbs. Just a little something to think about.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!!


  1. All I can say is that you do NOT have enough to do if you're figuring out equations to let people know your new numbers! But wow, the 5 lbs. vs. 2 oz. thing is very sobering.

    Thanks again for visiting us! It was lots of fun!

  2. Hey Erica! Just found your blog from the listserv! Thanks for your encouragment! We are so excited to be on the list! YAY!! So excited to follow your blog and your adoption journey! :)