As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Sunday, June 22, 2014

3 Years!!!

3 years ago today, after God blessed us with a double rainbow, we got a phone call that changed our lives forever. Shortly afterward, we received the most important email in the history of emails that included the photos we had been waiting so long to see. We had been matched with a set of 2 1/2 year old Ethiopian twins, and on that day, we looked upon the faces of our boys for the first time!

3 years later:

Happy referral-versary, Jalen and Jordan! We love you with all of our might, and are so thankful God blessed our lives with you. We have enjoyed the journey of the last 3 years, and can't wait to experience the rest of forever with you! 

"A father of the fatherless, God setteth the solitary in families..." Psalms 68:5,6

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