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Monday, June 23, 2014

Children in Families First

There are approximately 200 million children in the world who find themselves on the street, in orphanages, or in refugee camps. These children do not have a voice. Today, the US government does not have any law that supports these children growing up in a family. They need to have resources to help them get reunited with their immediate family, find a place in their extended family, get adopted domestically, or find an adopted family in another country.

The Children In Families First (CHIFF) bill takes a small portion of the $2 billion in funds already being spent on child programs to give these children a voice. CHIFF establishes a bureau in the Department of State that will become the much needed foreign policy and diplomatic hub on international child welfare to fill the gap in leadership. CHIFF strengthens inter-country adoption by streamlining the process through USCIS. CHIFF focuses US foreign investment by establishing a center of excellence with USAID and creates a Senior Coordinator for Children in Adversity to implement programs in target countries. CHIFF brings the need for ethical, transparent and accountable child welfare systems to the forefront.

This week, we need families to campaign to get CHIFF moving through Congress. Time is running out on this is stuck in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, so we need your help to get it out to the Senate floor and beyond. To see if your members of congress are involved please go to

There are 6 actions we need you to take in order to help:

1      1. Spread the word to as many people as you can.
2      2. Sign the CHIFF petition.
3      3. Call your members of Congress
4      4. Connect online with your members of Congress
5      5. Visit your member of Congress
6      6. Email a letter to Congress

Actions 2-6 can be completed by going to

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