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Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Difference Between Boys and Girls.....

Malia loves anything that has to do with babies. She loves to play house, and is usually seen with a doll on her hip or in her stroller. She is very gentle, nurturing, loving and motherly, and takes care of her baby's every need, even scheduling nap times and such.

The twins seem to love babies, too; however, here's a conversation that I overheard when they found a doll of Malia's (one that makes noise, of course) and decided to play with it:

Jordan: "What's wrong with the baby?"

Jalen: "It is sick."

Jordan: "It's ok. It will take a puke and it will be better." (all the while bouncing the baby very roughly on the couch.) At this point, I had to smile. Take a puke? Hmmm......I've never heard it put quite that way before.....

Me: "Why did you take all the baby's clothes off?"

Jordan: "It puked! It has to take a bath!"

So they put the baby in the bathtub and proceeded to leave it there, unattended, for quite some time. Later, when they remembered the baby, they got her out of the tub, but decided leave her undressed all day since she had puked on her clothes. They also seemed delighted every time she would cry, and kept trying their best to make her do so. I don't think Malia would be very thrilled if she knew how the twins treat her babies while she's away at school.........

Anyway, have a great weekend, everyone!

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