As for me, I know of nothing else but miracles. - Walt Whitman

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello, Summer!

Today was the kids' last day of school for the year, so summer has officially arrived! Here they are before they left this morning:

I always get a bit emotional on the last day of the school year, especially when the teachers send home little poems about how wonderful the kids are and how much they've grown throughout the year. The photos and slide shows that they have put together over the last year are tear-jerkers! Now I have a sixth-grader, a fourth-grader, a second-grader, and a first-grader! Hard to believe.

This morning, when I went to wake up Malia, I said, "Malia, get up! It's your last day of school! After today, you'll be able to sleep in every day and play babies all summer long!" She looked at me sleepily and said, "Mom, I'm too old to play babies!" 

WHAT???? My little girl who has always loved her dolls and would spend hours each day taking care of them is too old to play babies???? My heart dropped, and I was so disappointed! My baby girl is growing up way too fast! I told her, "Malia! No! You're not too old to play babies! You can play babies forever!" I then informed her that she was just going to have to stop growing.........but somehow, I don't think that will work............

Then, a little later in the day, the twins and I were listening to music, and 6 of Malia's favorite songs played right in a row. Including one that she sang when she was 2 years old. I listened to her tiny voice sing the words, and it about brought tears to my eyes! My little girl is indeed growing up. Guess I'll have to accept that fact sooner or later........ But right now, I need to just slow down and make the best of every day with my children, these beautiful little gifts God has given me.

So I'll dance with Cinderella,
I don't want to miss even one song.
'Cause all too soon, the clock will strike midnight
And she'll be gone.

-Steven Curtis Chapman

Hope you all have a great summer, and enjoy your time with your kiddos! They don't stay little for long.........

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